Educational Institutions Tie-ups

Offers variety of different counselling services to educational Institutions needs.

New Directions counselling services Provide Student Assistance Program(SAP) & Parenting Assistance Program(PAP)  with the  wide range of counselling services resources for School (Pre-Nursery to 10+2), Colleges (Degree & Professional Colleges), Universities, Coaching Centres, sport academy, Technical & Vocational Institutions.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

SAP Program help students to find study life balance manages stress & their emotions more effectively, enhance social & life skills. This Program   Prepare students to cope better with loss and grief & empower students to make decisions. Deal/overcome with addictions. Most importantly through this program students learn new skills and motivated to achieve goals & self development in their life.

Parenting Assistance Program (PAP)

Parenting is a challenging process, and many parents wonder at times whether they are doing the best for their child. So Our PAP Program is evidence-based approaches for helping parents to cope with a range of difficulties affecting their children.

If you are experiencing some of the following issues and they are causing you distress, parent counselling may help.

  • Children refusing to follow instructions
  • Not being sure how to communicate effectively with your child
  • Trouble implementing routines
  • Finding it hard to know what emotions your child is experiencing
  • Feeling like you are in a "power struggle" with your child
  • Strategies to manage behaviour are not working

And more......

Counselling can occur with one or both parents, and focuses on helping parents to learn ways to encourage positive behaviour, manage undesirable behaviour, and understand the emotional needs of their children.

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