Be Authorised Counsellor

Are you a counselling psychologist or a clinical psychologist wanting to expand your work? New Directions Counselling Services is looking to partner with professional counsellors in India.

We look forward to receiving your applications. Read the details below to know more:

Benefits of being a New Directions Counselling Services Authorised Counsellor

  • Gain access to clients who are aware of counselling and who choose counselling for themselves.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of practicing in a professional setting of your choice, near you, thanks to the virtual model of the organization. This model encourages you to meet the counselling needs of people in the area in which you live.
  • Continually develop as a professional by following best practices and processes in counselling to ensure the quality of counselling services you provide.
  • Get connected to and learn from committed professional counsellors who provide you peer supervision and support.
  • Reach out to people by contributing articles to spread awareness about counselling and to provide a psychological perspective to every day areas for the well-being of people.

Minimum requirements to apply

You can apply at New Directions Counselling Services if you have any one of the following qualifications:

  • Masters in psychology / social work/counselling/Child Development/Special Education.
  • Certificate Program in Counselling, Certificate Training in Basic Skills in Counselling from New Directions Counselling Services. Or Diploma in Guidance in counselling from any recognised University.
  • Teachers, Principals, HR Professionals & Retire Professionals
  • Student Pass out /Pursuing Graduation in Psychology/B.Ed./Graduation.

Other Requirements

To apply with New Directions Counselling Services, you must have your own place of practice anywhere in India; either a private home office, a clinic, a rented space to see clients or your own set up. New Directions Counselling Services does not provide a physical place of practice – however client management, professional development of counsellors, setting up of processes and guidelines are all governed by New Directions Counselling Services centrally, making us a virtual organization.

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