Guidance and Career Counselling

Guidance & Career counselling consists of services that help people successfully manage their career. Career, an aspect of human development, is the process through which an individual's work identity emerges. Although it will occur on its own as you mature, you may benefit from getting assistance as you navigate through this process, which can be quite confusing at times.

Many people seek out assistance from career counselling professionals only when they are trying to choose a career for the first time, or perhaps when they are going through a transition. The intent of career guidance, however, is to provide support to individuals throughout their entire lives. Let's take a look at when, during your career, you should get help.

Educational Counselling

Sometimes school kids need more support than they can get from their school counselor. That’s where school psychologists come in.

School psychologists work with students at all levels, from elementary school to college. They are advocates for students’ well-being, and are a valuable resource for their educational and personal development.

They help students work through issues such as bullying, disabilities, low self-esteem, poor academic performance, social anxiety, problems with authority or problems at home.

School psychologists may do one-on-one therapy with students, or work in groups with family members or peers to understand and overcome psychological problems.


So you have decided to get married. Congratulations. Marriage is one of the key aspects of one’s life. The decision to get married, to get married to a particular person at a particular time all are very critical to sustained happiness in married life.

It is important also to get into a marital relationship with reasonable expectations and an understanding of what the marital. Lack of knowledge about what marriage entails, the responsibilities you take on, may result in disillusionment and failure of the marital relationship itself.

Pre-marital counselling aims to prepare couples for married life. This entails better understanding of yourself, and your partner, expectations and an understanding of the basic requirements for marriage.

This can also help couples who are in a relationship, where marriage is not yet on the cards, but want to understand each other better and address relationship difficulties.

Pre-Marital counselling is usually attended by both the partners who are getting married. But it can also be done even if one of them wants to attend the sessions New Directions provides Professional and confidential Counselling across different locations in India. We provide individual counselling, couple counselling (Marriage counselling), Pre-marital counselling, adolescent counselling and counselling for children. We also provide Couple / Marriage / Relationship Counselling for couples.

Marriage and Family Counselling

You may have heard the phrase, “No man is an island.” That especially rings true when families face trouble. Sometimes even the strongest family unit may need support and guidance in dealing with unexpected circumstances such as illness, death or unemployment. Other times, they may require that same support from an impartial observer in order to manage personal conflicts.

Those in romantic relationships and marriages may seek guidance through all stages of their relationship, from dating to engagement to the many years of building a life together. They may need help breaking patterns and forming more positive habits.

Your strong sense of compassion and commitment to helping people are the most necessary qualities for a successful career as a marriage and family therapist. You’ll help clients to make informed and healthy decisions about their relationships, and build promising futures together.

Business Counselling

Through process facilitation, the small business counsellor leads and assists clients to acquire the capability to assess their current situation, to assess the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives, and to make an informed decision to act or not. Above all, the counsellor practices personal competencies that develop rapport and build relationships to assist the client in recognizing and achieving personal, entrepreneurial, and business goals and objectives.”

This clearly brings out the basic understanding about the Business Counselling process and also the differences between Business Consulting and Business Counselling because business consulting is the process where professional consultant takes an objective external view of your business and gives you a report or make the suggestions about the steps you can take to improve performance of your business. Business Counsellor on the other hand helps you in assessing the current situation and to weigh the pros and cons of options available to you and then to make informed decisions. This is a much better way of helping a business because you get the skills to understand your business in a more objective manner and are able to analyse the problems as you see them.

Business Counsellors “Walk The Talk as against Talk The Talk” with you. Business Counsellor therefore takes joint ownership of analysis and decision making process rather than just talking i.e. giving you advice, to help you make the informed decision that are best suited to your style of doing business.

Spiritual Counselling

Psycho-Spiritual Counselling takes the Soul, rather than the Mind, as its starting point of balance. It has an expanded view of life, recognising that the world is a complex mystery and it takes into account belief systems, universal & personal energy systems, intuitive psychic realities, karmic interplay, subconscious and superconscious states of awareness, metaphysical experiences, spiritual theology, spiritual presence and higher-self cosmic connections.

Spiritual Counselling sees that life is innately personal and individuals want to build their own unique, flowing relationship with it, organically and without force. With the Soul being the starting point individuals come from the heart, whilst not forgetting their head, and from this heart space they care for the sacred interdependence of all life.

Compassion for self and compassion for others is a core concept for their personal and collective growth. As Spiritual Counselling is holistic there is no separation, no duality between personal or collective responses and reaction, all is intrinsically linked. There is the awareness that life experiences become the greatest tool, with the integration of personal pains and personal journey. The aim is for clients to express themselves and their world with intimate wisdom, spiritual awareness and personal authenticity; using integrity and wise use of their spiritual gifts, skills and knowledge.

Parenting Counselling

Right from the birth to the maturity level, parent care is essential for mental as well as physical well-being of a child. The necessary support and guidance are vital for the overall development and this can be acquired right from an early stage.

Parents who are concerned about how to care for their child nurturing must attend our parent counselling that will be helpful for them to improve child-care skills.

The service of parent counselling offers you a path to nurture your child. We would like to appreciate our counsellors at true care as their services are extremely amazing and rewarding. They try their best to aid you in every possible manner by applying numerous psychological strategies, plans, therapies, and techniques available.

Life Coaching & Training

In today’s world, where competition is increasing, it is important to maintain a perfect Life I don’t think There is not a single person without any stress in this world.. Everyone is dealing with one or the other stress, sometimes, they get stressed to an extend which may even change to depression, psychologist is an answer to it, I am talking about people like you and me. We have stress in our life, but we don’t go to a psychologist because the problem is not of that intensity. Life coaching is an answer to it. It covers nearly every aspect of personal development like career, education, business, personal satisfaction like balance, life purpose, attainment of higher self etc.

We aim to get the best out of a person and help them to make choices that will enhance their life as a whole in both personal and professional aspects. Whereas training are employed to specific reasons such as to improve relationship with friends and family, to study parenting skills that benefit both child and parent, to gain a religious meaning to life or identification of one’s life purpose. It basically involves an attitude change that comes as an inspiration to transform when the client attends such trainings. An individual’s need for a life skill trainer remains because there are always grey areas or certain aspects of life that still needs to be settled inspite of having achievement in other areas of life. There are people who managed to build successful business only to only to realise at some point that they have been unable to manage their personal life.

This situation is easy to change within help of a good life skill coach. Mainly because they help you understand how to strike a balance between economic and social life. Helping you to understand and fulfilling your obligations and also to interact with the people you meet on regular basis.

Astrological Counselling

Why Astrology? How it can help a layman? The truth is that Astrology can be used in mundane life to better it, enrich it and make it more beautiful and satisfying. Astrology can be used on a personal level by an individual and on a bigger level for the betterment of society.

We can use Astrology as a Self-Help tool! Our Natal or Birth Chart/ Horoscope is as unique to us as our thumb impression. And, Astrology can effectively read and interpret this blue-print of our life. It can tell us in advance the possible opportunities and the likely pitfalls. In fact, we can employ our Horoscope to do a SWOT Analysis.

New Directions Counselling Services astrologer can read our Birth Horoscope to pin-point our strengths, weaknesses, talents and future vocations. This can help us make concerted efforts in just the right direction at the right time, thereby avoiding swindling our resources and natural abilities. It won't be wrong to say that Astrology can help us steer clear of negative situations and make the most of the positive ones!

Astrology can be applied to all the areas of life including love and relationships, career, education, finance, marriage, business, property and more. Plus, Astrology can warn us, in case a rather inimical planetary aspect or transit is going to take place vis-a-vis our Horoscope. When that happens, Astrology suggests of practical remedial measures, which can help us deal with the ill-effects of a transit.

Astrology is not magic! No sincere and genuine astrologer would over-promise or mislead by telling you that you can magically get rid of your problems or get something that you desire. But, it can surely show the way ahead, guide you in the right direction and help you channelize your energies towards something that's truly made for you. Besides, you can always share your inner-most thoughts and dilemmas with a trusted astrologer, like you can with no one else. This person can then give you objective advice that can help you take just the right decisions.

Hence, don't stop yourself from getting Astrology's help when you are in need. Speak to Our astrologer. Here's a quick check-list to remind you of how you can use Astrology to your advantage –

  • as a self-help tool
  • as an objective guidance tool
  • as a self-check measure and for SWOT analysis
  • for sharing your troubles and getting astute counselling
  • for handling problems related to any area of your life
  • to remain informed of and prepared for problematic transits and periods
  • to get practical remedial measures to enrich and enhance your life
  • to make the most of the opportunities and talents life gives you
  • to steer clear of disadvantageous, ill-fitting ideas, choices and paths

Vastu Counselling

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of harmony and prosperous living by eliminating negative and enhancing positive energies around us.

Anyone will agree to the fact that we, humans, spend most of their time inside a building be it our home, office or anything else. It’s also a fact that all things in the universe have a level of energy associated with them. Hence it’s apt to say that all buildings and even the land on which a building is erected has vibrations of energy associated with it.

Deducing from above, it's easy to visualize that we are constantly bombarded with energies 24×7. Some energies are positive (with pleasing effects) while others are negative (having terrible effects) on us. Vastu aims to eliminate negative and enhance positive energy present at a place or location so that a person, family or even business inhabiting a building become prosperous and progressive. In simple terms we can say that, vastu aims to make harmonious buildings at places in tune with mother-nature, so that the human inhabiting the building, lives well balanced and happy life. Like many of India's ancient science and knowledge, vastu shastra also got neglected and received very less attention over centuries, hence today's fast paced society has very limited or no knowledge of vastu and find it difficult to appreciate and use the benefits of vastu while purchasing/constructing home, office, shop etc.

Numerological Counselling

Using numerology, you can discover your strengths and weaknesses, inner needs, emotional reactions, and ways of dealing with others, as well as your talents. You can help yourself by becoming aware of your own character and learning to understand and deal with others -- for example, family, friends, lovers, employers and employees. You can even find out what kind of potential energy and what types of stress currently exist in your life, and in the lives of those around you.

If you are an employer, numerology is a great way to see if someone has the innate abilities to fulfill your job requirements. In fact, numerology can help you to better understand anyone you work with, and with this new understanding, it becomes possible to improve difficult work relationships. Numerology can also be used to determine the best times to marry, change jobs, move, speculate and take a trip.

Whether you use numerology to examine your life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm talents that in your heart you know are there, or simply figure out where to go next, numerology can be a penetrating tool to help you better understand yourself and the ones you love most. Numerology gives you the whole picture, allowing you to See all the diverse parts of your personality and how they uniquely come together to make the person you are. Through this complete view, you are able to make the most of your strengths in a way that was not possible before.