We see great advantage in getting individuals, facing a common area of concern, to attend relevant workshops or group therapy sessions. Often people understand certain psychological concepts in theory but find it difficult to practically apply them in their everyday lives. Keeping this in mind; we have designed our workshops focusing on three key objectives:

i) Keeping it simple:

Providing a simple yet comprehensive understanding of the concept that needs to be grasped.

ii) Keeping it real:

Using real life examples to provide a meaningful context to what is being explained

iii) Applying it now:

Providing step by step guidelines that enable people to apply the learning, obtained through the workshop, in the course of their everyday lives.

Our workshops are designed to address an immediate need. Whenever we come across a group of people that require a specific kind of training, we create a customized workshop or group therapy session for them, based on their needs and requirements. For instance, a workshop focusing on communication skills would be very differently conducted for couples, parents or teenage children. We continue to innovate and come up with new workshops as the need arises.

Some of the areas which we address through workshops are:


Educational workshops focus on dealing with common problem areas that affect students and aim to enhance academic functioning. These workshops aim at helping the child and parents understand the needs and interests of the child. They also aim at training children in developing alternative problem solving behaviors thereby laying a strong foundation for academic growth. Emotional issues affecting academic performance as well as study related skills are dealt with in these workshops.

New Directions Counselling Services offers workshops on:

  • Exam anxiety and pressure to perform
  • Dealing with success and failure
  • Motivational Issues
  • Time-management
  • Study skills


Relationships form the basic foundation of the social functioning of individuals and groups. At their best, they are a source for stability, security, understanding and joy. However, often due to the multiple pressures that we are all under, our relationships get marred with misunderstandings and fights. Relationship-Oriented workshops / group therapy sessions aim to create understanding about self and the significant other, along with inculcating skills which equip people to steer their relationships to healthier and happier directions. These workshops help individuals to manage conflict, communicate better and understand and accept their differences in a rational framework.

New Directions Counselling Services offers workshops on:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Understanding the people behind the roles
  • Making marriage meaningful
  • Premarital relationships
  • Balancing personal and professional life


The parents are the immediate environment of the child and have the most pervasive and deep rooted effect on the child’s personality. Parenting workshops aim at making the upbringing of the child a harmonious, joyful, enriching, well-informed and well-executed process. We always do the best we know for our kids, but what if we could know better and hence do better?

New Directions Counselling Services offers workshops on:

  • Positive parenting
  • Enhancing the parent-child relationship
  • Behavior modification


Each of us has at some point sensed that there is a lot within us that needs to be expressed, understood, explored, integrated and lived out. However, we keep all that away for a more relevant time in the vague future or we feel we are not equipped to fully express our potential and deal with our inner selves. Self-development workshops aim to discover and integrate our inner resources so that we can live freer and fuller versions of ourselves. The best version of yourself is usually far better than what you think possible. While some workshops will focus on basic skills which are useful and essential for everyone across settings and throughout life like communication and social skills, others will help you get in touch with your inner resources and decide on the ways to utilize them to achieve happiness in your own unique way.

New Directions Counselling Services offers workshops on:

  • Social skills – children and adults
  • Communication skills
  • ‘Positive psychology’
  • Coping with stress
  • Self-awareness and enhancement


Problems like depression and anxiety are becoming increasingly common and the relatively milder versions of these conditions have become alarmingly pervasive. Many if not most of us have battled with these feelings across situations and there are times when we find it difficult to cope. These workshops focus on specific symptoms and provide techniques and resources to help you cope with those symptoms. Lifestyle and attitude adjustments may also be a part of the process. Overall, the aim of these workshops is to develop the resources and coping skills within you to handle the challenges of living effectively.

New Directions Counselling Services offers workshops on:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Adjustment Difficulties