5 Major Causes of Disobedience in Children

29 Jun 2019

5 Major Causes of Disobedience in Children

Are your kids displaying stubbornness and being disobedient lately? Have they been showing signs of irritation or ill temperament when you ask something of them? Or are you getting constant NOs right on your face when you tell your kids to do something?

If you ask about this being normal, yes it is in a way. It is a part of growing up and happens with almost every kid. To them, it’s a way to explore their personality and express their thoughts on a concerned matter, and so should be the way we see it in. To understand them, we as a parent should try to think their way.

As kids stretch their perspective and develop a sense of personal independence, it’s normal for them to fall into petty arguments with their parents concerning their stuff. This develops their wisdom about the limits of their parents’ control and the extent of control they hold for themselves. But if this argumentative way becomes the usual picture of communication between the parent and kid, it could grow into a major problem.

Aside from the changes caused by growth, most of the causes regarding this concern come from the environment that the kids experience at their home or the way of dealing they learn in their schools. We’re listing five major causes of this problem of disobedience here.

1.     Emotional Changes During The Growth Years: Almost every kid goes through a lot of mental and emotional changes as a part of growing up. During the growth years, a sense of individuality and personal independence comes to them naturally. As the thoughts of a kid are free from any bias, the approach they undertake is their own way of letting their thoughts out.

2.     Behavioral Conduct At Their Routine Places: The behavior of a kid is significantly affected by the environment that they experience at the places they visit in a routine and the behavior they see the people at those places display. These places could be parks, temples, a friend’s residence or even a relative’s house.

3.     The Home Environment: Home is the place where a kid spends most of his day at and whatever happens here has a major influence on the kids’ mind. The kids adapt whatever they see their elders doing, whether it be good or bad and neither does it take them any time to make it a habit.

4.     The Curriculum Followed By The School: The Curriculum, as well as the conduct followed by your kids’ school has a major effect on your kids’ behavior. The way that teachers of the school behave in and the mannerism of your kids’ pals also act as a building block of your kids’ character.

5.       Gadget Influence: It’s important to keep our kids updated with this world that’s developing apace but that doesn’t mean that they should become a slave of Technology. Use of technology in a child’s education can bring great results but an excess of anything brings destruction.