How Over-Pampering Can Spoil Your Child

08 Jul 2019

It’s true that a child needs pampering in his growth years to ensure proper growth and development of his senses and mind. But that pampering should be in such a limit that neither does it spoil your child, nor leaves him feeling devoid of love and importance.

There is a keen, but still noticeable difference between pampering your children and over-pampering them. While pampering makes the child feel loved and important along with developing his mind, over-pampering can completely spoil your child and make him stubborn, irritable and disobedient.

As parents, we want to facilitate our children with everything they need in their lives. We want to fill their days with all the happiness and comfort they can get. But all this is only good to think of. Come to the practical life and all these actions would do is spoil the child.

Giving your child unnecessary gifts and too much attention is what we can call spoiling. A child should be given the needed attention only. Gifts on particular occasions and achievements can act as a good motivator. But once you do such stuff in excess, your children forget the importance of these kind acts and it all becomes cliché for them.

Here we are listing 4 major drawbacks of over-pampering a child.

Stubborn and Irritable Behavior: Over-pampering turns your child into a stubborn kid who doesn’t listen to anyone easily and gets irritated real quick. Such kid would get irritated on even the slightest of the things, for e.g., when you ask something of them or deny them on a matter. They have got so much of everything that they no longer know how a thing is earned.

Disobedience: Giving your kid unnecessary and unasked wonders would make them upset whenever they are denied by someone. They become so habitual of getting their demands easily fulfilled that whenever they are denied for something, they’d throw a million tantrums to get their thing done. Eventually they’d turn into disobedient being who is selfish enough to be bothered by their own sole wishes.

Emotional Instability and Inappropriate Social Sense: Over-pampered kids become emotionally unstable whenever the love they are habitual of disappears due to any reason. They are not wise enough to take their own decisions and lack the sense required to deal with the society. They are used to getting the luxuries and privileges so easily at home that they find it difficult to adjust outside.

Lack of Life Skills: Over-pampering can lead to a child’s underdevelopment in the skills that are needed to tackle the various circumstances of life. These kids are left completely awestruck when they face loneliness or lack of attention. Such kids have lived a life so comfortable that they’d fight with you the moment you ask them to do a tough task.


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